Robotics teams head to the VEX Robotics World Championships

Photo of Robotics Teams

We are so excited and proud of our teams! Special shoutout to our robotics teacher, Holli Shelton, for her leadership. We are all rooting for you guys!

You will be able to stream their matches when they start Friday, April 28th. Specific match times below. 
Streaming link here:


Our teams are in the following divisions:
7690S - Science: FJH Bootleg Wall-E
Match Times: 8:09 AM, 11:17 AM, 3:32 PM
7690F - Opportunity: FJH Metal Manipulators
Match Times PST: 8:06 AM, 9:02 AM, 11:36 AM, 12:22 AM, 1:52 PM, 3:39 PM, 4:36 PM
7690W - Technology: FJH Stumble Guys
Match Times PST: 8:39 AM, 9:24 AM, 11:14 AM, 12:22 AM, 2:27 PM, 3:14 PM, 4:18 PM
The qualifying matches begin Friday morning and afternoon (4/28), and Saturday morning (4/29). Finals are Saturday afternoon.

In case you missed it: Watch Mrs. Shelton and the Robotics team become local celebrities when they were featured on Eyewitness News back in March!