Mission and Vision at FJH

Fruitvale Junior High School staff have a core belief that students need; to be met where they are at, need choice, and need time to accomplish growth. Fruitvale Junior High graduates will be exceptionally well prepared for success in high school and beyond. To help all students achieve this vision, the Fruitvale school community is committed to these goals:

  • Specific standards of academic achievement
  • A safe and orderly adolescent-centered environment 
  • A comprehensive core curriculum 
  • Integration of technology as a learning tool throughout the curriculum
  • High expectations for all learners
  • A wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular experiences
  • Teaching students responsibility & respect for individual differences
  • Encouraging & motivating students to not only do their best but to take risks
  • School improvement based on a continual review of student multiple assessment data & parent, student, and staff survey results
  • A professional development program that focuses on improving classroom instruction
  • An extensive support system for students & their families