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Fruitvale School District Dress Code

The Board of Trustees believes that there is a positive relationship between the way a person dresses and his/her behavior. Students are expected to wear clothing that is appropriate for the promotion of an effective educational program.   If students are dressed in an unacceptable manner, parents will be notified and corrective measures must be taken before the student will be allowed to return to class. Determination of unacceptable clothing will be made by the school principal or designee.


Conditions of dress and appearance include:


1.  All types of clothing must be of a length  that is not disruptive of the educational process.  That length is to have an inseam of 4 in or longer.  Shorter clothing is not acceptable, including short-shorts.


2.  All clothing must be neat in appearance.  Clothing may not have any holes, frays, cut offs/hemmed, or is excessively over sized is not acceptable.  Belt ends may not hang down.


3.  Clothing that is revealing is prohibited.  This includes:

        a.  Extremely tight fitting clothing

        b.  backless halter tops or dresses, "spaghetti" straps (less than 1 in width) and tube tops

        c.  "muscle shirts"

        d.  tops that are cut low at the neckline or armpits

        e.  tops that expose bare midriffs

         f.  transparent clothing, exposed underwear or wearing pants low at the waist


4.  Suggestive clothing or objects may not be worn which are libelous, obscene, sexually suggestive, or suggestive of violence or death.  This includes buttons, armbands, shirts, insignia's, logos, hats and caps.  Clothing or objects advertising any product unacceptable at school such as alcohol, tobacco, and drugs may not be worn.


5.  Bare feet and unsafe or disruptive footwear, extreme platform type shoes, and boots/shoes with steel or otherwise reinforced toes are prohibited.  Closed footwear is strongly recommended.  During P.E. or any other physical activity, tennis shoes should be worn.


6.  Cosmetics, hairstyles, or accessories to the face, head, ears, hair or body that distract from the educational process or are disruptive or are unsafe are not allowed.  This includes spray-painted or unnatural colored hair, painting of the face and glitter in the hair.  Bandannas are not to be worn.


7.  Permanent and temporary tattoos are prohibited.


8.  Body piercing jewelry and accessories are prohibited, except for the ear.  Excessive, over sized, disruptive or unsafe ear jewelry is not allowed.  Ear  "plugs" are not allowed.


9.  Students may not write personal words, terms or symbols on their clothing or their body.


10.  The presence of any apparel, jewelry, accessory, backpack, notebook or manner of grooming which is by virtue of color, arrangement, trademark, or any other attribute that denotes membership in a gang or which advocates drug use, violence or disruptive behavior, or is determined by the school administration to present a safety hazard, is prohibited.  Any gesture that symbolizes gang membership is also prohibited. 


The District reserves the right to declare any mode of dress that it determines to be disruptive to the educational process or threatens the safety of students as unacceptable.  The conditions of dress and appearance apply to all school-related activities and events.  BP/AR 5132