Fruitvale Junior High School

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Meeting Attendance  (must attend a minimum of 1 meeting per quarter)  


1st Quarter Meeting Date:  September 22

Completed CJSF Application/Renewal & Volunteer Hours:    1st Quarter Due Date:  October 16

Dues--$2.00 per quarter (All dues go towards student membership cards, pins, awards, etc.)                      

Minimum of 2 Volunteer Hours Required  (Forms are available at the CJSF  meetings or in the library)


2nd Quarter Meeting Date:  October 20 & November 17 

2nd Quarter Paperwork Due:  December 17


3rd Quarter Meeting:  January 5

3rd Quarter Paperwork Due: March 11


4th Quarter Meeting:  April 5  

4th Quarter Paperwork Due:  May 20




The CALIFORNIA JUNIOR SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION, an affiliate of the California Scholarship Federation (CSF at high school level), is a statewide organization which is also affiliated with the Association of California School Administrators.  It was founded in 1967 for the purpose of fostering high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship in the junior high school grades.  CJSF emphasizes service to the school and the community while creating pride in scholarship achievement.  The CJSF motto is “SCHOLARSHIP FOR SERVICE.”


The official CJSF membership pin shall be awarded to students who have met qualifying requirements for three (3) quarters in the seventh grade and three (3) quarters in the eighth grade.

 Qualifying 8th graders will also receive a CJSF honor award certificate with the official gold seal.  These students will be recognized at the awards assembly.  Students will also be noted in the graduation program for this achievement. 


Membership in CJSF is an opportunity for students who meet the following requirements in Academics, Citizenship, and Service. 


  Students must earn a minimum of 12 points based on the following point schedule:

            A = 3 points

            B  = 1 point  (B in accelerated classes = 2 pts.)

  No grade of C or below in any class, including physical education

  Physical Education grades are not calculated in this formula


  No U’s in citizenship

  Must qualify for good behavior trips

Community Service

  A minimum of 2 hours of volunteer service work (each quarter) outside the home (church, scouting, helping teachers, helping school organizations, youth group activities are all acceptable)

  Volunteer hours must be verified by a supervisor or teacher

Applying for membership

Membership is for one quarter only but may be renewed for another quarter whenever the student again meets the requirements.


$2.00 per quarter is charged for dues.  This money goes towards student membership pins and awards.